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Dear Parents,

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer. MRE classes (ages 5 to 12 yrs.) with registrations will be starting up on September 16th (Catechetical Sunday). Within the next two weeks, you may also preregister online at On September 16th the teachers will be introduced at Mass with registrations to follow, we can all meet and talk about our religious program, while the children are having a snack before the start of their class. MRE will be held on the 2nd  & 4th Sunday of each month after the 10am Liturgy with classes to start at 11am to 12:30.
It is going to be an exciting and enriching religious education this year. We are branching out our program to better meet the needs of our precious children so they may feel and understand the richness of knowing and loving Jesus. The children will have books and take home materials to better support their understanding. Our resource material and information will be taken from several resources that support our Catholic Faith and information approved by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. In addition, the children will have choir time, to learn the songs/hymns of the Liturgy and to form a children's choir. The children will learn to participate in Mass with the readings, giving Peace and bringing up the Gifts to the Altar. (It is never too late to sign up, even if your child has never participated in a religious education program).

We invite teens ages 13 to 18 to join us for a bi-monthly gathering. To start in September, sign up will be on September 16th after the Liturgy or in the next two weeks you may preregister online at The goals of our-bimonthly gatherings are to help our teens to grow closer to Jesus and one another, and to deepen their Maronite spirituality within our Eastern Catholic Tradition. Bi-monthly we will have a dynamic program including service projects (that count as points for community service project at your high school), social nights, trips, meeting kids from other parishes, bible sharing, movie nights, worship, ice-breakers, interactive discussions, speakers, cooking (learning Lebanese recipes), speakers and lots of fun.....

To help build a relationship amongst us and with each other. We will have a monthly get together while the children are in class. It will be conducted as a workshop to learn more about our faith through discussions and activities. This can then be brought home and used as a whole family fun learning activity to bring closeness and learning while sharing the Faith together.

We are looking for teachers and helpers for the MRE and/or MYO for the 2018-2019 school year. No experience necessary, we will help you. Will you answer GOD's call to help our children? You may contact the rectory with questions and/or possibly helping out.

In the near future, we will have a VIRTUS training. It is only a 2 to 3 hour session with a speaker (no testing), will be here a St. Anthony's. To keep it current is easy and simple, just a page reading/learning material online and 3 to 5 y or n answers. VIRTUS is a training program for Adults on Protecting GOD's children. This is required if you are going to be around children, working, volunteering helping out. Even if you are not volunteering with MRE/MYO you may still sign up, this is very good to have a certification in and is extremely educational. We will have a date in the near future.
With this tough world we live in, it is of the utmost importance that our children develop a strong and personal relationship with Almighty GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all of the Angels and Saints. This in turn will give the children a strong foundation to know their faith and to feel strong and confident to profess their faith. It is very important that they learn the truth from our one true Catholic Church and not misconceptions, misinformation/disinformation from our secular society and the media. Please know we can work with you to accommodate your child, especially if you are having difficulty and concerns.

                         Joy of the Holy Spirit
                  LovE GOD
                        Strengthen our Church family bonds
                        Understand and know our Faith
Build a friendShip with JESUS

Enjoy your Summer and GOD Bless!
Diane (Volovic) Walker



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